From its inception, Utopology was based on founder Lyrit Edmunds’ clear-eyed vision of creating meaningful change in the professional and personal lives of clients across all industries. We specialize in culture enhancement and transformation by advising corporations and individuals in matters of human capital.

Renowned for talent attraction strategies, career pathing, training, development and professional coaching, Utopology assists organizations in gaining awareness of the risks and opportunities associated with their current professional staff.



We get people unstuck. From struggle to strength, Utopology empowers professionals and businesses alike to achieve their desired success.Professional coaching is conducted through either one-on-one discussions or collaborative training sessions.

From a micro perspective, we empower employees to fully understand their position, their skills and their direction. On a macro level, we assist companies or groups who are experiencing various degree of change-growing or shifts in culture to establish a common ground.



Our vision is to support clients in fulfilling their aspirations through sound council and developing the confidence and professionalism necessary. By aiding in skills and talent acquisition, Utopology equips groups and individuals to effectively communicate who they are in their professional presence.

Utopology’s expertise is founded upon the understanding that it is not about what you do, it is about how you feel. We believe that influencing one life in a meaningful way will lead clients to exponentially impact their community.


Career Coaching and Direction

  • Skills analysis
  • Identify best-fit career path
  • Acquire and develop necessary skills for current or desired position
  • Provide support and coaching through changes within position or company
  • Cultivate communication and collaboration skills
  • Grow in areas you are not meeting expectations
  • Develop growth in areas that are of interest

Professional Branding and Image

  • Personal Branding is the process of defining who you are and who you want to be on the inside
  • We will help you develop your personal brand so you are able to connect with the best employers
  • We assist with transforming your physical image to successfully show the brand of who you are
  • We provide tools for individuals to rise effectively, to live the highest leadership values by looking, speaking, and behaving in a manner that attracts visibility, respect, and influence


Coaching for Entrepreneurs

  • Is entrepreneurship the right fit for you?
  • Do you have the necessary skills for entrepreneurship?
  • What do you bring to the table, what will you have to acquire?
  • Business Planning – defining the business; Products/services, structure, infrastructure, brand and image, client base, pricing, sales strategy, first to third year execution

Cultural Redesign

  • Cultivate and maintain excellent workplace culture
  • Conduct culture analysis to identify the current culture
  • Consult all levels of leadership to determine what the desired culture is and how to develop it

Turnover Reduction

  • Implement strategies that your company can implement to retain the best employees and reduce the turnover
  • Improve quality of hiring
  • Increase employee engagement and productivity
  • Increase employee happiness and satisfaction

Succession Planning

  • Identify key positions within your company
  • Assess current and future needs based on either strategic plan, goals and objectives or priority programs and projects
  • Assist in matching capabilities of the existing workforce with needs of company
  • Evaluate/assess all staff members with the goal of identifying those who have the skills and knowledge or the potential to be promoted to existing and new positions

Team Cohesion/Role Definition

  • Design appropriate program for your company using various team development exercises
  • Implement strategies to enhance attitudes and behaviors for both individuals and teams in order to achieve high-productivity performance
  • Provide communication and collaboration workshops

Professional Coaching

  • Implement coaching as a critical leadership competency that will be taught and, later, measured in performance evaluations
  • Develop training, mentoring, and support for leaders to provide coaching internally
  • Define coaching for their specific company culture and needs
  • Identify key behaviors of coaching
  • Design training program for individuals who will be coaching
  • Determine who gets coaching, why, how, when, for how long
  • Outline processes to evaluate and measure effectiveness of coaching